Meals and Snacks


At Riverside the children are offered breakfast, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack and tea which includes a pudding.


Breakfast time: 7.30am to 8.30am. The children can selection from a choice of cereals, toast and crumpets.


Snack time: 10am and 2pm. The children are offered a selection of fruits with a drink of milk.


Lunches: 12pm. We ask that children are provided with a packed lunch, please ensure that their lunch box is clearly named and that any pots etc inside are also named. We are unable to store items in the fridge so ask that you include a freezer pack to keep items cool.


Tea time: 4pm. A fresh, home cooked meal is offered to the children this is cooked and prepared on site and includes a pudding. We have a rolling 2 week menu - we are always pleased to have ideas to try!



Telephone numbers:

Precious Times

Riverside: 01472 340800


Precious Times

Laceby Acres: 01472 872143

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