Holiday Club

Our Holiday Club runs for approximately 13 weeks per year, throughout most of the school holidays. This is normally based at out Riverside site.


Our opening times during holidays are 7.30am - 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, for children up to 12 years old. This allows us plenty of time to have exciting and challenging activities like cooking, den building and craft......... lots of craft! Children participate in planning activities, so they can learn the value of their opinion and contribute to their own learning environment.


We provide breakfast, which can consist of toast, crumpets, pancakes and cereal, and a light snack at tea time, for example wraps, pittas, crackers. The children are encouraged to make their own snacks, with support and guidance. There is also juice, water and milk available throughout the day accompanied by an open fruit bowl. Children will need to bring a packed lunch if they are with us over lunch time.


To help ensure we are able to keep the children interested, engaged and enjoying their time with us, during longer school holidays, we try to take children out of the setting for day trips to child friendly and interesting places. We also have many other specialised activities planned. You can find details of any upcoming outings and activities in our news and events tab.










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