Laceby Acres

We have been attached to Laceby Acres Academy since we opened in 2003 moving to our current location after a full refurbishment in 2010.


Our setting provides childcare from the age of 2 to 12 years. We have one room and we open from 7:30am- 6:00 pm.


7:30am - 8:50am we operate our breakfast club for our Pre-School children and children who attend the academy.


Our Pre-School session are between 8:50am and 3:20pm some of the preschool children then attend our Out of School club from 3.20pm – 6.00pm we also collect children from the academy and other local schools.


Providing excellent care and education covering the wide age range.  


We have a well-qualified team who all have a variety of qualifications in childcare and play work from a Level 3 qualification to degree level, the staff are dedicated in achieving the best outcomes for your child.


We have very good working partnership with our families and our parents and Grandparents to pre-school days are very successful, receiving excellent feedback.


From our OFSTED Inspections July 2017 they stated

 The manager and staff have worked closely together to improve quality .

     Children develop their awareness of their local community and people who help them.
 Staff support children's early communication and language skills well. They use clear,                simple words when speaking to children and give them the time they need to respond

     to the range of good questions they ask them.
 Staff use observations and assessments to closely identify children's levels of learning

    and what they need to learn next. Children are keen to learn and make good progress.
 Staff provide an environment that is nurturing and welcoming. They foster children's  

     emotional and physical well-being very well. Children are extremely happy, confident

     and motivated to play and explore.
 Staff are consistent in their approach to managing children's behaviour. 

    They provide children with lots of praise and talk to them about their own and others'




Telephone numbers:

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Laceby Acres: 01472 872143

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