We originally opened our 'Riverside' setting in 2009, running from part of Yarborough Academy.


In February 2016 we moved into our very own building on Yarrow Road in Grimsby, just a short walk from the original site. We continue to work closely with the academy and the Family Hub.


Opening from 7.30am until 6pm Monday to Friday, Riverside offers full day care, all year round to children from 6 weeks to school age with a Breakfast and After School Club for school age children. Our Holiday Club runs from here during the school holidays - this is open to all families.


The setting has a well-qualified and passionate staff team who strive for the very best for each and every child who attends the Nursery. You can find out more about how we plan and monitor children's progress in the EYFS section of the site.


We offer 3 separate rooms (Caterpillar, Ladybirds and Bumble Bees) to cater for the children's needs, each offers specifically tailored experiences and activities to engage and support the children during their time with us. More information can be found about each room by clicking the sections on the left-hand side of the screen.


In 2024 Ofsted graded us as GOOD and said...


"All children are respected as unique individuals."


"Staff work closely with parents to ensure children's individual needs are met."


"The management team promote staff well-being and focus on their continuous professional development. This helps to ensure good standards of care and learning are maintained."


"Children remain safe due to the vigilance of staff. Staff provide friendly reminders as they reinforce the nursery rules and expectations to children. This helps them to learn to respect and adhere to these."


"Turn taking and sharing are actively supported with all children, but especially with children aged two-to-three-years. During small, planned group activities, staff use children's names in turn as they roll a car to them. They help children to learn to wait for their turn during the simple game."


"Staff engage children in purposeful, hands-on learning experiences, supporting each child to build on their prior knowledge and skills. For example, in the baby room staff have strategically placed sensory coloured bags higher up to encourage babies to stand and reach up."


"Pre-school children enjoy planned activities which focus on promoting their early writing skills. Children listen and follow the directions of staff as they move to the music, copying actions as they hold pieces of fabric. They then practise the movements as they make marks using chalks on the floor. Quieter, more reserved children are encouraged to participate at their own pace, through the skilled support of staff."


"Two-to-three-year-olds and pre-school children explore their imagination and develop their fine manipulative skills when painting. Older children have fun experimenting with mixing the paints together. One child excitedly explains how they are a 'genius' as they have made purple by mixing blue and red together"


"Parents report positively on how they are kept informed about their child through verbal communication, online systems and through attending stay and play sessions. This enables them to find out what their children are learning so that they can continue to support them at home."











Telephone numbers:

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